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"Our results support the use of denosumab as second line after bisphosphonate therapy to restrain the BMD loss at its discontinuation. ...
Significance of definitions of relapse after discontinuation of antivirals in HBeAg-negative chronic hepatitis B.
Higher proportion of less educated men (40%) supported discontinuation of FGC than those who were of higher educational background (p<0.001).
We report the case of a woman who suffered spontaneous clinical vertebral fractures at denosumab discontinuation despite a preventive treatment with raloxifene.
Discontinuation of a contraceptive method often leads to unintended pregnancy, this leads to potentially unsafe induced abortions and unplanned births that expose a risk to the health of the women and ultimately reduced educational attainment [2].
They reported that the effects of long-term ortho-k on corneal curvature and refraction are still present after 1-week discontinuation of lens wear.
The information in the form of marital age, age at IUCD insertion, level of education, total number of pregnancies, number of living children, sex of living children, previous use of contraception methods, previous obstetric history, counseling, client satisfaction and reason for IUCD discontinuation and side effects encountered were collected.
3 also show that after the discontinuation of the intervention, there was a very small and not statistically significant increase in the weighted total monthly SAM CFR in both hospitals.
We selected patients whom metformin was withdrawn due to worsening renal function and had a complete 6 months of follow-up after metformin discontinuation. Patients were excluded if they fulfilled any of the following criteria during the period when metformin was withdrawn: were on erythropoietin (EPO) therapy, received steroid therapy for at least 1 week, had an average haemoglobin level of less than 10 g/dL, had episode(s) of active bleeding or received packed red cell transfusion, or received renal replacement therapy.
Complicating the picture further, the risks of addiction associated with OxyContin and the ensuing discontinuation were frequently covered in the media while the drug's usefulness in chronic pain management remained debatable.
The company confirmed the discontinuation of the device to its employees and education partners in an email.
He requested the discontinuation of sunitinib treatment because of general fatigue, and he was followed up without sunitinib administration.