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Although other institutions have reportedly limited or eliminated the BT test (13, 14), we are unaware of any reports of clinical outcomes after discontinuation of the test.
A 1989 simulation analysis illustrated the importance of high contraceptive discontinuation to contraceptive prevalence.
Table 2 shows that desire to conceive as reason for discontinuation was more at 13-24 months (30.
Patients for whom venlafaxine is prescribed should be informed about discontinuation symptoms, especially those who have a history of noncompliance.
The maximum dose of pitocin needed for adequate uterine contractions was greater in the discontinuation group (mean 30.
Kaplan-Meier cumulative hazard plots were estimated to determine rates of contraceptive use by pregnancy outcome and discontinuation rates by method type, and discrete-time hazard models were fitted to determine the timing of postabortion or postpartum contraceptive uptake and discontinuation by pregnancy outcome and method type, after adjustment for demographic and socioeconomic characteristics.
Yearly monitoring--recommended by many experts after discontinuation of bisphosphonates--should not be considered predictive of fractures, the researchers noted.
Background factors such as educational level, place of residence and source of method are identified as factors that can influence discontinuation of contraceptive methods (1,7,11,12,14,17).
On the other hand, history of fracture, pregnancy, hormone therapy, or major bleeding within 6 months prior to the index VTE was associated with 24%, 35%, 13%, and 9% increased risks for warfarin discontinuation, respectively.
Stephan Kutzer, COO, Lonza Pharma & Biotech Market Segment explained, "With the discontinuation of the joint venture, we will cease investing in areas that are not strategic to Lonza such as clinical developments and end product commercialization.
For chronic migraine, the medicine onabotulinumtoxinA reduces migraine attacks by more than 50%, but increases the risk of adverse effects and treatment discontinuation due to those effects.