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On the other hand, history of fracture, pregnancy, hormone therapy, or major bleeding within 6 months prior to the index VTE was associated with 24%, 35%, 13%, and 9% increased risks for warfarin discontinuation, respectively.
Barnes called poor warfarin persistence for stroke prevention in patients with atrial fibrillation "a major problem," citing the 38% probability of discontinuation within 1 year in his study of patients started on the drug for this indication at seven anticoagulation clinics participating in the Michigan Anticoagulation Quality Improvement Initiative.
Reducing the high rate of contraceptive discontinuation by facilitating switching among methods will play a critical role in meeting that goal.
METHODS: Data collected from married women in Demographic and Health Surveys conducted in 34 countries between 2005 and 2010 were used to estimate the potential contribution of contraceptive discontinuation to current and future unmet need.
Women may contribute multiple discontinuations over the course of a five-year period.
Therefore, the analysis covered contraceptive failures as well as intentional discontinuations.
CONTEXT: Contraceptive discontinuation is a common event that may be associated with low motivation to avoid pregnancy.