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The five major discontinuities have the potential to completely disrupt vendor business models, user deployment models, whole market segments and key user and vendor brand assumptions," said Tom Austin, vice president and Gartner Fellow.
By utilizing the Multi-layered Finite Difference Method (M-FDM), and accurately modeling return path discontinuities, interlayer coupling effects, including through gaps and apertures commonly found in most simple to full 3D SiP and PCB designs today, Sphinx is able to provide excellent accuracy, and can very quickly and efficiently simulate critical paths up to complete designs before they go to manufacturing.
Evaluation of the data suggests that the variance between test groups in this study relates directly to discontinuities.
The total count map (Figure 3a) showed three areas A, B and C, where areas A and C were interpreted as geophysical units associated with the recognition of alteration related to intrusive bodies located in topographic highs which were partially outcropping and had been differentially weathered while area B was interpreted as the intrusive bodies' host rock located in topographic lows Some linear patterns were recognized, inferring the presence of geological discontinuities or local faults.
One current development bringing about technological discontinuities is the vision of an intelligent energy supply and usage system, including a smart grid on a macro level and smart buildings on a micro level.
Shorter wavelets perform better for signals with many discontinuities or lots of high frequencies.
These changes can cause discontinuities in the measured values, and can make historical data unreliable for valuing weather derivatives that will be settled based on observations taken with current instrumentation.
Cracks or discontinuities in the surface of the casting will cause a magnetic field 'leak.
The editor's essay, "The Ends of Renaissance Comedy" (by far the longest in the volume), opens the third section, "Continuities and Discontinuities.
His paintings are, as were Piet Mondrian's, the pictorial condensations of a search for harmony--for resolutions of real-world irregularities and discontinuities into disciplined configurations whose chromatic power provides their animating energy.
I am absolutely convinced now that these discontinuities [in comet periods] are due to either new active areas igniting on [a comet's] surface, or that previous active areas are suddenly terminated," he says.