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These failure surfaces are usually structural discontinuities, such as bedding planes, faults, joints, or the interface between bedrock and an overlying layer of weathered rock.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the geological discontinuities data gathered from old quarry sites near West Malvern in the Malvern Hills UK.
The small- and large-scale roughness, infilling material and karstic conditions of the discontinuities of these slopes were determined according to the SSPC system.
In [13], we presented a hybrid FEM-MVM tool to the studying of complex discontinuities in rectangular vacuum waveguides.
In addition to the effects from a temporary loss of excavation support and potential influx of water, reaction loads from the jacking operation may need to be considered for further evaluation depending on the orientation and spacing of the prevailing discontinuities.
The method is applied at optical frequencies for analyzing abrupt discontinuities in integrated planar optical waveguides.
Additionally, the discontinuities organizations face also affect the criteria for selecting a partner.
Discontinuities are interruptions in the typical structure of a weld.
There is a copper spot test that has been used to test for holidays in coatings and, occasionally, for porosity and discontinuities in pretreatments.
Discontinuities in paper demand development have attracted increasing interest in the industry.
It uses measurements at multiple source wavelengths to synthetically increase the dynamic range of the surface measurement and enable unambiguous measurements of step discontinuities that are larger than the individual wavelengths of the sources.
While it may sound risky to teachers, such an approach, implemented with the guidelines she suggests, broadens the concept of musical development and transforms seeming discontinuities into opportunities.