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5o)]), discontinuity spacing and seismic velocity (Weaver, 1975; Scoble and Muftuoglu, 1984; MacGregor et al.
In his December 2005 speech to the Roman Curia, Pope Benedict XVI avoided such simplification by distinguishing between a hermeneutic of discontinuity and one of reform, and then devoted the larger part of the speech to illustrating how reform entails both continuity and discontinuity on different levels.
An appreciation and basic understanding of the prevailing discontinuity and rock mass properties can help the geotechnical and trenchless engineering design team better evaluate:
One of the experimental holes dug by the Americans reached more than 180 meters below the seafloor, but plans to dig a larger Pacific hole down to the discontinuity, perhaps six kilometers or more, were called off in 1966 because of increasing costs.
Each technological discontinuity brings about a technological cycle.
A defect, according to AWS (American Welding Society), is a discontinuity or discontinuities, which by nature or accumulated effect (e.
theta], but rather they are the points that surround the particular value [theta] for which we want to determine whether or not a jump discontinuity exists.
Familiarity with the prior Tinker will lend easy access to this ongoing story of Wolf, who rules under siege in Pittsburgh, now stranded on Elfhome, and who struggles to keep the peace between the humans and the fantasy world they've entered even as Tinker is facing a mystery of a growing discontinuity in Turtle Creek with nightmares of the future.
Since almost any armature could lie under that wrapping, at least part of the work's aura originates in a suspicion of discontinuity and fracture: It seems doubtful that an artist who had shaped a body as carefully as Weisz has shaped this figure's head, hands, and feet would so hide her craft.
The discontinuity and the fact that so many were being appointed with no competition, for those reasons, the board said we need to relook at this,'' Summerbell said.
Renzo Piano hopes to turn this discontinuity to advantage, emphasising context and connective tissue as much as new construction.
It will take time for the scholarly and theological world to assess Wright's lasting contribution to the study of both Jesus within first-century Judaism and the continuity and discontinuity between Jesus' agenda and the faith of the early church.