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Bayer Polymers reported on a Class I HFC-245fa rigid PUR foam system for discontinuous metal panels used in walk-in coolers and refrigerated warehouses.
Many technical systems are described by nonlinear differential equations with discontinuous right-hand sides, and stationary sets of such systems generally consist of non-unique equilibria.
MBK supplies continuous shuttle-type and discontinuous accumulator-head extrusion blow machines, as well as modules for 3D suction blow molding of complex shapes.
Yet while other "avant-garde" Chinese artists have developed signature styles and recognizable themes--the Luo brothers' comic, image-laden collages critiquing encroaching commercialism, say, or Chen Zhen's huge sculptural and aural assaults drawing on "traditional" iconography--there's something elusive and seemingly discontinuous about Zhang's output from show to show.
Their topics include friction laws in modeling dynamical systems, the smooth approximation of discontinuous stick-slip solutions, impacts in the chaotic motion of a particle on a non-flat billiard, almost periodic solutions for jumping discontinuous systems, and controlling stochastically excited systems with an approximate discontinuity.
Contract notice: Continuous and discontinuous service of changes in the scope of the institute of health carlos iii.
This type of linear discontinuous deformations is considered as an important threat to the surface building constructions and elements of underground technical infrastructure.
The discontinuous F350 can be equipped with winding and unwinding rollers.
In most investigations, the end effects of the discontinuous welds were excluded and the failures at the mid-sections of the welds were studied.
The Composite and Nanocomposite Advanced Manufacturing (CNAM) Center at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology in Rapid City has developed a new manufacturing process for discontinuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic sheet (CNAMDiFTs).