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ECOMPLEC.Pri assesses comprehension of narrative, expository and discontinuous texts using multiple-choice tasks.
He described interface-evaluation work done using lower-melting UD carbon/PAEK tapes injection overmolded with discontinuous carbon/PEEK that was used to replace a machined aluminum bracket in an aerospace application.
Based on the original diffraction criterion, a new function is derived and put forward, which the binary linear equation is used to calculate the equivalent distance for the weight function arguments to dispose of the crack's discontinuous interface.
The change in the parameters of the electric circuit is described by means of discontinuous functions and is found in the differential equation for the sought value.
The rock mass constantly operates, and discontinuous deformations may be probably generated in the zones of biggest concentration of compression and tensile stress, being a result of constant inner changes and the lack of equilibrium.
The technology of manufacturing discontinuous circles on a ceramic bond is reduced to slotting grooves on grinding machines equipped with dividing devices (Fig.
Under the calculated conditions of this scheme, the groundwater table in the slope is almost horizontal and below the gently dipping discontinuous structural plane.
In this paper, we construct discontinuous mapping, and combining with Floquet theory, we study the local dynamic characteristics of clearance and its front and rear, which reveal the vibration mechanism of gear transmission system in the gap nonsmooth state.
However, studies on thermoacoustic waves using the discontinuous Galerkin (DG) method are very scarce in literature.
Liptser [6] also discussed existence issues of SDE when their diffusion coefficients are discontinuous with respect to x.
Because sublingual lymph nodes are located above the mylohyoid muscle, they are not removed during routine discontinuous neck dissection.
The discontinuous F350 can be equipped with winding and unwinding rollers.