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All continuously enrolled and the majority of discontinuously enrolled Medicaid patients linked to PDD records.
Issued: 11/6/12 A composite material comprising an elastic film, made of polymer material, and a coating made of flocked fibers fixed to at least one face of said film, by a layer of bonding material, wherein said bonding material is distributed discontinuously and that the quantity of fibers per surface unit on said at least one face ranges from 5 g/m2 to 40 g/m2.
While the processing method employed to produce a discontinuously reinforced composite is commonly accepted to influence bulk physical properties through the particle dispersion and distribution attained, the link between processing and surface properties is not as intuitive.
The only factor that should vary discontinuously is the probability of treatment.
We will be interested in deformations of the discrete Heisenberg group as a group acting properly discontinuously and cocompactly on a space X.
In the knitwear sector, the various treatment stages in wet finishing, such as bleaching, washing, and dyeing, are still predominantly performed discontinuously in jet dyeing systems.
Because of a long necrotic stage preapical lesion may appear such as Acute and chronic periradicular periodontitis, Acute periradicular abscess, chronic suppurative periodontitis, discontinuously lamina dura, initial root resorption [8].
They were present discontinuously as a thin layer and as small or large clusters.
She differentiates six phases, which are "strands of discourse that recur discontinuously throughout a particular language event and, taken together, structure that event.
They find that sale prices drop discontinuously at exactly 10,000 mile odometer readings, consistent with customers focusing on the leftmost digit of the odometer reading rather than incorporating the full odometer reading into their valuation.
What I saw in the biotech world was a mix of different speeds and directions: the science is changing very rapidly and often discontinuously in terms of new discoveries, but the products change slowly and more continuously.
A plant may experience several distinct abiotic stresses like water shortage, salinity and temperature extremes either continuously or discontinuously at different times during the growing season, which limit crop productivity (Tester and Bacic, 2005).