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I understand why my father wrote, "And all my themes become discord.
Without question, the United States and its allies are creating crisis and havoc in the Muslim world through terrorism, discord and the so-called war on terror.
premeditated murder, inciting murder and causing discord.
Subsequently, all stances on an inner discord are nonsense and void and talks about civil war are refused and rejected.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy General Alireza Tangsiri warned the regional nations to be wary of the plots hatched by the enemies to sow discord among them.
Kuwait government praised Monday Muslim scholars to address discord and sectarian extremism, while commending Iran's spiritual leader Ali Khamenei's religious decree (fatwa) in which he forbid offending Sayyeda Aisha, wife of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), or any Muslim icon.
This discord between intention and apparent accident is no small part of the work's appeal.
Discord runs rampant through Stygius Rex's kingdom.
Although most still-married couples regarded their partnerships as stable, reports of marital discord emerged substantially more often in the behavioral therapy group.
The flames of violence and extremism are flaring across the Muslim world, and ignorance and extremism have cleared the way for the realization of the longtime plot of the enemies of Islam in sowing discord and causing sectarian and tribal strife," President Rouhani said in a message on Friday.