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Figure 2 and discordancy measure shown in table 1, was supporting to keep the site 5 intact for analysis.
For this study, the discordancy of all stations in the four subregions in the WRB is firstly checked according to the discordancy measure introduced earlier.
It is precisely this teetering over the abyss, this ripple of terror under the exhilaration of the June day, this thickening of the present with layers of the past that resolves the discordancy Lytton Strachey perceived between "the ornament (extremely beautiful) and what happens (rather ordinary--or unimportant)" (Woolf, Diary III 32).
It is interesting to note that the multiple-outlier type discordancy tests applied at the strict 99% confidence level identified two samples as having discordant data and incidentally both samples plotted in a field different from the continental rift, that is, they represent mis-discrimination (see solid diamond symbol in figure 2a-e and number enclosed in [] in Table 30).
Critical values for 33 discordancy test variants for outliers in normal samples of up to sizes 1,000, and applications in quality control in Earth Sciences, Revista Mexicana de Ciencias Geologicas, 25 (1): 82-96.
Culture results did not differ for Mycoplasma species between flush and biopsy samples, though there was discordancy in eight of 44 sample pairs for Mycoplasma species.
A case study of acenocoumarol sensitivity and genotype-phenotype discordancy explained by combinations of polymorphisms in VKORC1 and CYP2C9.
Psychology services are available for couples experiencing serious relationship difficulties due to discordancy.
Overwhelmed by the discordancy of the later 20th century, this music worth revival and the Concerto would be well received at Hope Street.
Research involving identical, monozygotic twins indicates a 50% discordancy rate for identical twins: if one twin has schizophrenia, the second twin has an approximately 50% chance of also developing schizophrenia.