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In the year after VCT, more than 80% of reported acts of intercourse in discordant couples included condom use.
One of the 10 HCWs had extreme discordant results ([+ or -]4 standard deviations) and was removed from the final data analysis.
Using residuals, for both comparisons with nonHDLc to apo B (Table 1) and to LDLp (Table 2), women with discordant high apo B or LDLp generally had a higher baseline prevalence of CHD risk factors, particularly cardiometabolic risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes, and increased hsCRP, compared with those in the concordant and discordant low apo B or LDLp groups, and MetS was significantly more prevalent among women with discordant high apo B and LDLp (P < 0.001).
At the time of the recordings, 13 patients (5 discordant affected and 8 concordant affected) were receiving antipsychotic medications with a mean dose equivalent to 469 mg/day of chlorpromazine.
Keywords: Anti-Ro/La antibody, congenital heart block, discordant complete atrioventricular block, infants
Since Scheme 2 counts only discordant alleles it is expected that test statistics and hence, evidence for the association is stronger.
There was one discordant interpretation, for an overall concordance rate of 99.4% (Dermatol Surg.
Discordant MZ twin pairs have been used previously to investigate the potential mechanism of SCZ.
The concert went well, but before the climax was reached, A mobile phone rang and discordant notes screeched, Everyone came down to Earth and looked around, To see who had broken the spell in the music found.
While uncommon, "occult maternal malignancy is a potential biological explanation for discordant results," between the fetal karyotype and NIPT, Dr.
Nineteen (0.38%) were tested as positive discordant and 3 (0.06%) were tested as negative discordant out of 4992 samples received from the BBs.