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Hill songs I have, And village pipes with their discordant twang.
Here, before the closed doors, stood many forms with dark faces and harsh, discordant voices, who sternly asked the shivering little Fairy why she came to them.
And once more those shrill discordant tones rang out:--
The Judge says the true word,” cried Benjamin, with one of his discordant laughs.
At the angle of the street there remained nothing beneath the stranger but a few hoarse, discordant voices, shouting at intervals, "Vive le Roi
Spare me all discordant sounds until after my marriage.
Once or twice, by common inspiration, masks rushed forward and forming a circle danced round us uttering discordant shouts of derision; for we were an outrage to the peculiar proprieties of the hour, and besides we were obviously lonely and defenceless.
If we add to this evil, the attendant glitter upon glitter, we have a perfect farrago of discordant and displeasing effects.
And certainly it is little better, when atheists, and profane persons, do hear of so many discordant, and contrary opinions in religion; it doth avert them from the church, and maketh them, to sit down in the chair of the scorners.
We looked at each other in a bewildered silence, which was broken by a discordant burst of derisive laughter from Professor Summerlee.
Could it be possible, he continued, that eyes which as they gazed never expressed any divergence from what the tongue was telling, were yet ever seeing another world behind her ostensible one, discordant and contrasting?
Who is that overgrown pirate with the whiskers and the discordant voice?