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The Friday criminal incident will never weaken Kuwaitis or foment discords among them, but will, instead, consolidate national unity, and make them more persistent to preserve their dear nation, and defeat attempts seeking to sow seeds of sedition, it emphasized.
During his address to the forum, former Speaker Azad Kashmir Shah Ghulam Qadir stressed on locating the actual adversaries of peace and harmony , who were trying to sow the seeds of discord .
Moreover, Rahi touted inter-Lebanese dialogue as the sole means to solve discords. "Our salvation shall certainly come from our people and not from external [sides]." The Patriarch also met today with the Austrian Ambassador to Lebanon over the bilateral ties between both countries and the assistance Austria is capable of offering in various fields.
Discords of all sorts, including employment challenges, an unwanted growth on my face, family conflicts and money problems have lifted through prayer that affirms that since discords are not of God, they cannot be in God's reflection, that is, in God's creation, which includes me.
Out of very little material, in both literal and figurative senses, the artist creates new chromatic harmonies and discords while at the same time dismantling the structures he's used, thus creating contradictory movements that animate his compositions from within.
Composed just prior to the period when Coltrane turned decisively to a thoroughgoing exploration of the idioms which have proved so unbearable to many listeners, A Love Supreme carefully juxtaposes relatively sparing yet profoundly intense discords with a startlingly intense drive toward harmonic reconciliation, and in such a way that we are able to hear a fully articulated, fully embodied expression of the idea that "dissonance is the truth about harmony." Moreover, Trane's strategically placed saxophonic cries bear out Adorno's assertion that such art is not about "the subjective pain and suffering" of the artist, so much as it heralds a harmony unattainable according to its own criteria.
A Blind Eye/A Prospect Obscured, 1993-94, dominated by "Spanish" black, implies a different kind of classicism from Remarked Cavalier, 1992-94, with its more "Cubist" inflection toward brown, and both of these contrast with the "Expressionist" discords of In the Blink of an Eye, 1994, or even the blanched luminescence, recalling Seurat, of Sensitivity to Initial Conditions, 1992.