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Anseriformes: Anas discors "pato media luna" se presenta entre enero y marzo, pero en pequenos grupos y, a veces en parejas.
Las muestras biologicas fueron obtenidas mediante la actividad cinegetica, recolectandose los aparatos digestivos y respiratorios de 52 aves acuaticas (Anas discors, A.
(57) The Picturesque attempts a concordia discors by harmonizing the various discordant elements of its productions, for example, by way of a superimposed "master tint" that effects tonal harmony by disguising the asperity of objects under a unifying varnish (a Royal Academy practice).
But where he did surpass his contemporaries and those who had come before him was in noticing how Homeric similes tended to yield a special kind of concordia discors. Irony was understood during the Renaissance as a way to reconcile opposing beliefs or perspectives, and Chapman, perhaps more so than others at the time, grasped "the Homeric simile, with its latent irony, as a means of uniting contrary styles and attitudes--high and low, sublime and bathetic, serious and trivial--at play in the Iliad and Odyssey" (260).
Non-target species captured included three unknown sex black-crowned night herons Nycticorax nycticorax, two female blue-winged teal Anas discors, and two unknown sex painted turtles Chrysemys picta (Table 2).
1990); Mactra murchisoni, Musculus discors, and Spisula aequilatera from New Zealand (Cranfield & Michael 2001); M.
Weinbrot's context was not only the Anglo-Scottish Union of 1707, but also the 'concordia discors' of British cultural heterogeneity between the Restoration and the early years of George III's reign: the Anglo-Saxon heritage, most obviously, and a neo-classical indebtedness to the literary models of Greco-Roman antiquity, but also Celtic influences, from Scotland, Wales and England's ancient British past, and the neglected impact of Hebraic exemplars on poetry and criticism, from Christopher Smart to Robert Lowth.
Trade and competition policies: Concordia discors? Oxford Economic Papers, 51, 649-664.
RB Los Petenes (857 ha) Comunidad de petenes (islotes de Jabiru (Jabiru mycteria), vegetacion temporalmente inundados flamenco (Phoenicopterus o bosques de manglar asociados a ruber), garza tigre manantiales de agua subterranea (Tigrisoma mexicanum), y cenotes), pastos marinos y cerceta de alas azules comunidades forestales de manglar (Anas discors), candelero botoncillo (C.
En terminos de fauna, en los e spejos se puede senalar gran cantidad de aves, entre estas las especies Pisingo (Dendrocygna autumnalis) y el Pato viuda (Dendrocygna viduata), con mayo r densidad poblacional, igualmente Garza parda (Ardea herodias), Garza blanca real (Casmerodius albus), Garcita blanca patiamarilla (Egretta thula), Garcipolo (Butorides striatus), Barraquete (Anas discors), Martin pescador chico (Chloroceryle americana), Martin pescador enano (Chloroceryle aenea), Martin pescador matraquero (Chloroceryle amazona), Aguila cienaguera (Busarellus nigricollis), Gavilan caminero (Buteo magnirostris), Garrapatero mayor (Crotophaga major), Laura (Catarthes aura), entre otros.
K.'s account of poetic illumination as an affective engagement with "disorderly order" notably draws on the figure of concordia discors, a commonplace Renaissance way of describing poetic fiction-making's role in revealing the latent harmonies subtending and stabilizing the material world's formal diversity.