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The logic behind this position that genetic blackness and the potential for realization of psychological Africanity are undifferentiated phylogenetically is not difficult given Atkinson's motivational and developmental paradigm formulations as they contain nothing to suggest that for the African personality construct hereditary or H-factor influences on the P-factor are nonexistent or discountable where existing.
The number of publications increased almost by 50% between the years 1986 and 1995, which is posited to reflect the emphasis on scholarly activity and increased amounts of research being performed by nurses; yet the number of publications then declined between 1986 and 2000, with no discountable reason for this noted.
The hidden language of the Jews: self-reproach, laden with ambivalence, not this or this either, seeing five sides to every issue, the old pilpul song and dance, obfuscation clowning as ingratiation, whose only motivation is: never offend, criticize only with a discountable barb: Genocide is made of words like these, Pound laughing.