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She in her discountenance outdoes Ophelia's singing,
discountenance these hot-brained, squash-headed, pumpkin-hearted male and female amalgamation fanatics.
While a few had "condescended" to use the trawl lines, the editor remarked that he found it "strange that sensible men would allow themselves to be so duped by an old-fashioned prejudice as to discountenance the use of this excellent contrivance
It was critical that the state regulate marriage, Parsons argued, in order to define who may marry, to "preserve the purity of families," to "guard against fraud, surprise, and seduction," "to encourage marriage, and to discountenance wanton and lascivious cohabitation, which, if not checked, is followed by prostration of morals, and a dissolution of manners.
It will obtain applause, and will receive reward, in proportion as it is successful in finding plausible reasons for the maintenance of the favorite opinions of the powerful classes and plausible reasons for the discountenance and rejection of the opinions which tend to rescue the interests of the greater number from the subjection under which they must lie to the interests of the smaller number.
When capitalist development discountenances the people, it loses its soul.
5) Cardinal Walter Kasper in his book Harvesting the Fruits discountenances the wintry trope altogether in view of substantial advances in four international, bilateral dialogues, and advises patient further inquiry.
Islamic arguments about Jesus are driven by the desire to rehabilitate him fully and finally as a figure of the Qur'an, an action that discountenances Christian claims; and with Christianity discounted, Muhammad can claim the final word on any number of subjects.
So something that discountenances the Swat Taleban, something that puts them out of humour and plants suspicion in their minds, is it good or bad?
As a result of this intermingling, the challenges to power generally cited as the central interpretive dilemma of Dracula are hard to distinguish from that which succumbs to power; as such, Dracula does not so much uphold conventional determinate interpretations as it discountenances them.
Unless, of course, one's theory of social choice is tied to an understanding of "public reason" that discountenances certain forms of argument in political and policy discussion, which indeed Green's is.