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Islamic arguments about Jesus are driven by the desire to rehabilitate him fully and finally as a figure of the Qur'an, an action that discountenances Christian claims; and with Christianity discounted, Muhammad can claim the final word on any number of subjects.
So something that discountenances the Swat Taleban, something that puts them out of humour and plants suspicion in their minds, is it good or bad?
As a result of this intermingling, the challenges to power generally cited as the central interpretive dilemma of Dracula are hard to distinguish from that which succumbs to power; as such, Dracula does not so much uphold conventional determinate interpretations as it discountenances them.
Unless, of course, one's theory of social choice is tied to an understanding of "public reason" that discountenances certain forms of argument in political and policy discussion, which indeed Green's is.