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All of us endorse that the ratio of taxes on the tobacco industry should be kept high, in order to discourage the consumption of cigarettes.
However, he added, the government should also discourage interaction between the tax officials and the business community by promoting automation.
The United States discourages any actions or rhetoric that increase tensions in the region, a State Department official said on Tuesday, amid Turkish warnings that it will prevent natural gas exploration in Cyprus' exclusive economic zone (EEZ).
planned to launch the extensive drive to discourage the unlawful hunting and other
Regardless of the September 26 results, which may lead a number of candidates to leave the race after being "discouraged", another poll in October will be even more crucial as the five permanent UNSC members (who have veto powers) will be handed out coloured ballots and will be able to discourage them publicly.
The situation has been discouraging foreign companies to expand in Pakistan, he said, adding that forgery discourages innovation which is the reason that over 99 percent innovation is recorded in developed world.
Commerzbank has announced a plan to charge fees to discourage large deposits.
Elpidio Barzaga Jr., yesterday endorsed the passage of the Minimum Cigarette Price (MCP) bill, saying the measure will stifle the cigarette price war and discourage the youth from smoking.
KARACHI -- The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has chosen to hold an electronic auction, which sources say is in line with international standards and also likely to discourage collusive bidding.
Emirati lawyer says decision may discourage will discourage the private sector from recruiting young Emiratis who are due to join military service.
The company has been told by the DoT to remove clauses which discourage local equipment suppliers from participating in the company's network project for the armed forces.
This will discourage or put a stop to breeders indiscriminately producing a surplus of pups, it will discourage thoughtless dog owners from allowing their pets to breed unnecessarily, it will end the market trade in unregulated pets and it will make people think twice before they go out and buy.