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I have not distorted the truth in saying that the facts in the above item, about the army and the Indians, are made use of to discourage emigration to America.
To run the gauntlet of their faces in Cornhill is enough to discourage a thoughtful man for hours.
Hence, it becomes obvious that separate property is the natural and indisputable right of separate exertion; that community of goods without community of toil is oppressive and unjust; that it counteracts the laws of nature, which prescribe that he only who sows the seed shall reap the harvest; that it discourages all energy, by destroying its rewards; and makes the most virtuous and active members of society the slaves and drudges of the worst.
John," she said, "something must be done to discourage Jack's tendency toward anything that may excite the cravings for the savage life which I fear he has inherited from you.
There is some sense in what he says about the girls, however, and if he is disposed to make them any amends, I shall not be the person to discourage him.
But, though he held the cardinal's promises as of little worth, he affected to be completely satisfied, for he was unwilling to discourage Porthos.
But it was not an old woman's legend that would discourage Peter Goldthwaite.
His mother was an affectionate and thoughtful woman, and felt that it was wisest not to discourage the generous hopes of her little boy.
Where there is one grain of perseverance or wilfulness in the composition, trifling obstacles are ever known rather to stimulate than discourage.
Newman thanked her for her pleasant, encouraging way of saying things; no woman could encourage or discourage better.
She seemed disappointed that I would not tie myself to a period, and I guessed that she wished both to secure me and to discourage me; to say severely, "Do you dream that you can get off with less than six months?
It is surely my duty to discourage such romantic nonsense.