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Speaking to reporters here, the President said he should not be discouraged by threats and should continue with what he was doing - including the campaign against terrorism and religious extremism.
A teacher who seeks a No Objection Certificate to pursue higher education is often discouraged by the education department.
The inquiry into child abuse in football has been told he discouraged at least two teenage players from making complaints.
Altogether, 43% of French were both disaffected with the government and discouraged about their personal future, the fourth-highest percentage among all EU countries.
The researchers said there are a number of reasons, including the rise of automated programmes or "bots," but also noted that some potential contributors are being discouraged by Wikipedia's structure.
A majority of Arabs believe that marriages between blood relatives should be discouraged and that governments should be educating people about the health risks involved, according to the latest Doha Debates opinion poll.
Mr Mabasa said it also discouraged some doctors from dispensing, thus indirectly limiting access to medicines.
ISLAMABAD, May 15, 2010 (Balochistan Times): A judge of the Supreme Court Justice Shakirullah Jaan has said that registration of unnecessary and non-serious cases should be discouraged to save public money and courts precious times.
The HPA said spitting should be discouraged by football clubs as experts attempt to halt the spread of the infection.
A JUDGE has discouraged parents from taking civil actions over school yard mishaps as "children should be allowed to play".
Again, this threat to the nation's health can only be discouraged by charging such individuals a flat pounds 10 annual fee for a licence, entailing an ID card with photographic evidence, that entitles them to use this cancer that threatens the very fabric of society.
Rates of heavy, frequent and workplace drinking were significantly lower in organisations that discouraged social drinking than in those that most tolerated it, according to the results published in the Occupational and Environmental Medicine journal.