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Lawmakers have said that zeroing in on the youth's limited buying power is a good strategy to altogether lessen smoking prevalence among the 18 to 24 year-old age group and discourage prospective young smokers from initiating tobacco use.
3 : to try to persuade not to do something <Don't let them discourage you from trying out.
THE 1980 Hague Convention is an international agreement by 71 countries to discourage parental child abduction.
Good parents love their children, even when they misbehave, but they hate the misbehaviour and actively discourage it.
Article 14 asserts that the child's "freedom of thought, conscience and religion" must be recognized, which -- as applied in the home -- has troubling implications for parents desiring to pass their religious convictions on to their young (or, for that matter, for parents seeking to discourage involvement in the occult).
Thus, FDA's required radiation statement discourages the use of a process that can mitigate, if not eliminate, very real safety hazards.
Worse, they discourage companies from departing from the obsolete industrial era while competitors (principally Japan and Germany) are not being held back.
THE 1980 Hague Convention is an international agreement between 71 counties worldwide designed t o discourage parental child abduction.
Bertha de la Rosa of Grupo Beta, a Mexican government-sponsored group that discourages people from crossing illegally and aids those stranded in the desert, told The Associated Press that increased patrols by Mexican state police officers and her group were discouraging efforts to sneak across the border.
This has been especially true in recent years because domestic interest rates in some countries, particularly Mexico, have been declining, which discourages the need for cross-border transactions.
Bobb wrote the new sheriff's policy, implemented in November, discourages foot pursuits, but fails to set a standard other than stating deputies should use common sense in deciding whether to engage in a foot pursuit.