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The portal's main goal is discourage Chinese investment, campaigning against BRI by mobilizing Nepali financial experts and discouraging Chinese presence in Kathmandu and serving American and Western interests, said a highly placed source.
He added that PEMRA and media should play their role in discouraging fake news.
This is very discouraging; we are disappointed, but we will not be discouraged,' he said.
They urged the government to take strict action for discouraging smuggling too which was damaging the national economy.
PESHAWAR -- Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan has directed for adopting of systematic strategy for discouraging power theft, reducing line losses and bringing efficiency to the overall performance of Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO).
Speakers urged the citizens to play their role in discouraging the trend of drug use among students.
Pervaiz Abro, the coordinator Child Rights Advocacy Network, Naveed Phulpoto, Incharge Child Protection Unit, Din Mohammad Shaikh, the Deputy Director Social Welfare Department Shikarpur, during a seminar titled 'early child marriages' held at Shikarpur press club with close collaboration of Social Welfare Department here on Tuesday said that civil society members should step forward to create domestic pressure to realise their national obligation for discouraging the tradition of early child marriages which could create the cause of troubles and disappointment in the life.
Not so fast, because the Department of Transportation (DOTr) is discouraging the public from doing so.
THE state's policies towards teachers are highly discouraging. A teacher who seeks a No Objection Certificate to pursue higher education is often discouraged by the education department.
The situation has been discouraging foreign companies to expand in Pakistan, he said, adding that forgery discourages innovation which is the reason that over 99 percent innovation is recorded in developed world.
The result of discouraging half your medical students from the field is a lower quality field.
"Aside from discouraging the youth from smoking, revenue-wise, it's an excellent complement to the Sin Tax law that has already exceeded its targets," Barzaga said.