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Then I entered into a serious discourse with the Spaniard, whom I call governor, about their stay in the island; for as I was not come to carry any of them off, so it would not be just to carry off some and leave others, who, perhaps, would be unwilling to stay if their strength was diminished.
He came to me one morning (for he lodged among us all the while we were upon the island), and it happened to be just when I was going to visit the Englishmen's colony, at the furthest part of the island; I say, he came to me, and told me, with a very grave countenance, that he had for two or three days desired an opportunity of some discourse with me, which he hoped would not be displeasing to me, because he thought it might in some measure correspond with my general design, which was the prosperity of my new colony, and perhaps might put it, at least more than he yet thought it was, in the way of God's blessing.
When Sir James came, he appeared all astonishment and perplexity; the folly of the young man and the confusion of Frederica entirely engrossed him; and though a little private discourse with Lady Susan has since had its effect, he is still hurt, I am sure, at her allowing of such a man's attentions to her daughter.
It analyzes discourse with its dialectical relationship with social structures, practices and power relations.
I used Discourse with a capital D to refer to the dominant discourse on Jordanian women in the society as relayed by the participants while I used discourse(s) (lower case) to refer to other non-dominant but competing discourses.
The writing styles of the authors may differ, yet the differences do not prevent the reader from perceiving a sense of urgency to study the development discourse with culturally conscious and critical frameworks.
The disciplinarization is the internal control principle of the discourse with regard to itself.
Not only is the narrator suddenly descending in all force, but the mode (gid) seems to be narration in English due to the preterit; discourse with the subjunctive and narration with the preterit in German; yet consistently unambiguous discourse in Russian due to the present tense.
(2) This "Endnote" offers a perspective of a Muslim who has been part of that international discussion for over a decade and who has closely watched, analyzed, and discussed this discourse with many Muslim, Christian, and Jewish participants.
Jesus begins the next segment of the mission discourse with a menacing warning regarding the danger of the disciples' mission ("See, I am sending you out like sheep into the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves," 10:16).
James Paul Gee has published An Introduction to Discourse Analysis: Theory and Method, a textbook that focuses on his well-known distinction between discourse with a small d (language in use, from the more specific perspective of studying stretches of language in specific contexts) and discourse with a capital D (language constituting social practices, from the broader perspective of studying socio-cultural ways of performing and recognizing identity).
discourse with her comments on Haitian cultural practices, voodoo in Hurston's work emerges as a subversive, international political gesture that helps to produce a global trans-Caribbean space.