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Germaine's table; and, more amazing still, the husbands had so far approved of the grossly discourteous conduct of the wives as to consent to make the most insultingly trivial excuses for their absence.
What have I done that you should hold me in this light esteem, and give me these discourteous words?
Dr Huppert said yesterday: "There are people shouting and talking in a deeply discourteous way.
In fact I find the armchair detectives in probably every town from Lands End to John O'Goats tedious and discourteous, nauseating even, showing lack of basic respect towards the individuals concerned.
Because to do other than that would be discourteous to the Prime Minister, patronising to the party and, most of all, it would be presumptuous and complacent as regards the electorate.
58 Mr Blair hits back, saying he had been intending to fire Mr Watson anyway and branding him "disloyal, discourteous and wrong".
58 Mr Blair hits back, saying in a statement he had been intending to fire Mr Watson anyway and branding him 'disloyal, discourteous and wrong' for having signed the protest letter.
The apparently coordinated move brought a furious reaction from Mr Blair, who accused Mr Watson of being "disloyal, discourteous and wrong.
The cost implication apart, it's discourteous and ill-manned not to turn up for -or cancel -an appointment.
COMPANY car drivers and White Van Man are often regarded as the most discourteous road users, but they are not the only offenders.
It wasn't that he hit me hard, it was just discourteous and unprofessional-I was only doing my job.
Participating truckers will display a placard asking motorists and truckers to call 800-56-TRUCK to report unsafe or discourteous truck driving, or unsafe road conditions.