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Germaine's table; and, more amazing still, the husbands had so far approved of the grossly discourteous conduct of the wives as to consent to make the most insultingly trivial excuses for their absence.
At such times, in proportion as he was outwardly sullen and discourteous to those about him, his resolution rose; and in proportion as he was considerate and polite, it fell.
"You are a very discourteous Giant," answered the stranger quietly, "and I shall probably have to teach you a little civility, before we part.
Nor has he anything more to say or do but to nod once in the same frigid and discourteous manner and to say briefly, "You can go.
Hickey's report said most of the people she interviewed, regardless of their opinion of Mapes, said he "commonly threatened people's jobs" or "reminded them that they were dispensable." Hickey concluded Mapes "had a habit of being discourteous to workers and representatives." "The number of independently verified instances of Mr.
SIR, - Re Margaret Croll's letter (P&J, Friday August 2 ) on Nicola Sturgeon being discourteous to Boris Johnson - she says that Boris Johnson was elected by 0.5% of the UK electorate.
BORIS Johnson's failure to contact the Taoiseach since becoming Prime Minister has been branded "discourteous and offensive" by Sinn Fein.
'Get me out of this filthy, menacing, rude, and discourteous politics,' the former city vice mayor said in his statement.
His discourteous behaviour towards the Queen on his last visit appears to have been forgotten as has the fact that he became President against the wishes of the American people, losing the popular vote in 2016 by some three million votes.
Mutuma said the county government would not tolerate lazy, dishonest and discourteous staff.
Medina advised foreigners visiting the country not to be discourteous and avoid using foul and indecent language when talking to immigration officers whom they encounter in the ports of entry.
'While we have been instructed to observe maximum tolerance, arrogant and discourteous foreigners are sent back and blacklisted.