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Sorry, but while this may come over as charming and endearing, the attitude of a woman determined to distance her career from showbiz nonsense, it can also be read as basic discourtesy to paying customers.
5) were more frustrated with discourtesy on the roads than they were with any other traffic problem, including congestion.
Rowntree family barrister Fiona Doherty added: "It seems to us to be discourtesy of the highest order that these families expecting an inquest to be held into the death of their loved ones have not been informed that this [issue] arose.
They ruled that the ten months Mr Horsfall had waited to tender his resignation made his case less credible and also regarded his punishment by the council for discourtesy as justified.
I'm not inclined to be diplomatic because I think Corus and particularly Kirby Adams is treating us with serious discourtesy and arrogance.
But the discourtesy shown to him by the SFA when he was one of four candidates for the post still rankles.
His solicitor Huw Davies said: "No discourtesy was meant to the court by his non-attendance.
It seems Roh has made a diplomatic discourtesy -- even if out of goodwill -- although one of his aides said the idea was also a negotiating tactic.
Use of force, racial profiling, discourtesy - Complainant, who is black, alleged he was handcuffed during the investigation of a car theft, while a white suspect was not.
Their vacuity is matched only by their discourtesy, immodesty, aggression and the pleasure they take in their own ignorance - TV's Vanessa Feltz on Jade Goody and her family on Celebrity Big Brother
Anger, discourtesy or lack of genuine love for fellow humans - i.
The Birmingham Repertory's action in staging a play which was deeply offensive to a particular set of people is an upmarket, pseudo-intellectual form of this distressing and heartless discourtesy - and subsidised by the taxpayer.