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For a time Werper hid behind one of the lesser boulders that were scattered over the top of the hill, but, seeing or hearing nothing of the Englishman, he crept from his place of concealment to undertake a systematic search of his surroundings, in the hope that he might discover the location of the treasure in ample time to make his escape before Tarzan returned, for it was the Belgian's desire merely to locate the gold, that, after Tarzan had departed, he might come in safety with his followers and carry away as much as he could transport.
The sharp gaze of Caderousse was instantly directed towards the priest's garments, as though hoping to discover the location of the treasure.
As China was able to discover the location of rich marine resources in the area because of information gathered through the JMSU which they did not share with the Philippines.
Facebook users expressed their anger in the comments section while attempting to discover the location of the apartment.
Battle of Bannockburn: 2014 IN 2014 Neil Oliver and fellow archaeologist Dr Tony Pollard set out to discover the location of the Battle of Bannock-burn near Stirling Castle.
Franck enlists the services of hypnotherapist Elizabeth (Rosario Dawson) to discover the location of the stolen canvas and sparks fly between the pair.
This will discover the location of the passenger through GPS (Global Positioning System).
The Americans, who were looking to discover the location of the remains of the biblical Noah's Ark, were held hostage for 21 days before they were finally able to escape.
Applying common-law principles, the court held in Christy that the plaintiff's were entitled to purely factual material, "because they have a right to discover the location of critical information, which would logically he expected to be in the possession or an adversary but is missing for some unexplained reason.
discover the location of Osama Bin Laden's hideaway, enabling Navy SEALs to end the life of the world's most notorious terrorist leader.
They are not alone in this quest but through the process of elimination, the two finally discover the location of the 12th and last chair, the one containing the treasure.
Since all the zombies are in fact demon-possessed, the priest is able to interrogate the demon within to discover the location of the blood.
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