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There is also the risk that evaluation materials could fall into the wrong hands or be discoverable in litigation.
The manager even wrote words to that effect in the evaluation--which also is discoverable.
The innovative technology experts at eMag Solutions have developed the ability to read and restore discoverable data directly from virtual tape without having to recreate any part of the original mainframe environment.
As a consequence of the agreement, holdings in Australian library collections will be discoverable internationally through OCLC's Open WorldCat program.
The court determined that the medical journal articles were not generated solely for the purpose of the Committee and therefore those documents were discoverable.
5) The only safe assumption in most jurisdictions, therefore, is that your trial strategy, mental impressions, and other traditional work product are discoverable if provided to a testifying expert.
Password disclosure would include users sharing password credentials, or writing down passwords such that they are discoverable by an attacker.
Among the changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure which took effect December 1, 2006, is a broad new definition of what constitutes discoverable electronically stored information.
My attorney-client doesn't want me to attend depositions as a consulting expert because he thinks my work product will then be discoverable.
The purpose of this article is to consider the likelihood that metadata will become discoverable in Florida, and if so, to what extent.
As with hard information, only electronic data that is relevant to the case is discoverable, and ESI that is very hard to get to--back-up tapes or obsolete formats--is only discoverable when the requesting party can show good cause, Jones said.