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TO DISCREDIT, practice, evidence. To deprive one of credit or confidence.
     2. In general, a party may discredit a witness called by the opposite party, who testifies against him, by proving that his character is such as not to entitle him to credit or confidence, or any other fact which shows he is not, entitled to belief. It is clearly settled, also, that the party voluntarily calling a witness, cannot afterwards impeach his character for truth and veracity. 1 Moo. & Rob. 414; 3 B. & Cress. 746; S. C. 10 Eng. Com. Law R. 220. But if a party calls a witness, who turns out unfavorable, he may call another to prove the same point. 2 Campb. R. 556 2 Stark. R. 334; S. C. 3 E. C. L. R. 371 1 Nev & Man. 34; 4 B. & Adolph. 193; S. C. 24 E. C. L. R. 47; 1 Phil. Ev. 229; Rosc. Civ. Ev. 96.

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Agartala (Tripura) [India], April 26 ( ANI ): Lashing out at West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for discrediting the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) victory in Tripura, the latter's Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb said the former "should get her brain examined in a hospital."
campaign is underway with the aim of discrediting the Georgian army and our accession to NATO", Alasania noted.
tomfoolery They don''t need to discredit them, they''ve all done a magnificent job in discrediting themselves over the years.
"I bow before Alexey Petrov, who with the help of a couple of journalists took over the whole Bulgarian media," Borisov said on Friday before the Bulgarian TV 7, referring to the recent scandal with leaked tapes of discrediting conversations between senior officials, including Borisov, which affected the public confidence in his rule.
Summary: BEIRUT: Akkar MP Hadi Hobeish played down Monday the odds of the March 14 alliance discrediting the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and overlooking the truth behind the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.
Lam is a big lie aiming at discrediting the SPLA," said SPLA spokesperson Maj.
The aim here is not to discredit Badder but 'to put what he accomplished in perspective' and to describe his limitations without discrediting his achievements.
In addition, a unanimous court strongly endorsed Jefferson's assertion that the American people, through the First Amendment, have "erected a wall of separation between church and state." For anyone seeking to undermine that wall, discrediting Everson is job one.
So, basically, if Israel is seriously thinking of discrediting Hamas and Hizbullah, it must work harder on not discrediting the remaining veneer of moderation in Palestine and Lebanon.Probably, Israeli logic stems from the thought that at some point, Abbas and Fateh will be able to muster enough courage to dismiss the Hamas government and establish a national salvation cabinet in order to salvage the remaining ruins of peace negotiations with Tel Aviv.
A simple analogy would be if a news organization printed unfounded rumors about a political leader with the goal of discrediting, untruthfully, this person.
A study conducted in February by the U.K.'s Economist Intelligence Unit also suggests that discrediting Lopez Obrador, a leader so far in election polls, would be a step back in the country's transition toward greater democracy.
Having concluded that Free Speech Coalition and O'Connor didn't impact the accused's plea, the court addressed the issue of whether "a substantial basis exists for questioning [the accused's] plea to either the prejudicial to good order and discipline or service-discrediting elements of clauses 1 and 2." (78) Citing Sapp and Augustine, the court emphasized that the accused had admitted to the military judge that his conduct was service discrediting and prejudicial to good order and discipline.