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Meanwhile Nicholas Bulstrode had used his hundred thousand discreetly, and was become provincially, solidly important--a banker, a Churchman, a public benefactor; also a sleeping partner in trading concerns, in which his ability was directed to economy in the raw material, as in the case of the dyes which rotted Mr.
I do not know whether I have been what people call a great reader; I cannot claim even to have been a very wise reader; but I have always been conscious of a high purpose to read much more, and more discreetly, than I have ever really done, and probably it is from the vantage-ground of this good intention that I shall sometimes be found writing here rather than from the facts of the case.
Then I sent for Perry, who had remained discreetly in the rear, and had him construct a little affair that I had had in my mind against the possibility of our meeting with a check at the entrances to the underground city.
Then Tarzan discreetly skipped out of harm's way, for that also is a custom among the apes--only mad bulls will attack a mother.
The young lady whom you were expecting, sir," he announced discreetly.
A lady to see you, sir," Jarvis announced discreetly.
Milady knows very well what becomes her," the woman answered discreetly.
When he saw and heard the confusion and uproar on the beach later that night when Captain Kellar turned Tulagi upside-down in his search for Michael, the old one-legged one remained discreetly silent.
In the course of conversation Emily found an opportunity of discreetly alluding to Mirabel.
Discreetly silent as to the turn which his thoughts had taken, he merely expressed himself as feeling too much surprised to offer any opinion at all.
Having satisfied her ladyship on this point, he discreetly left the room.
A discreetly gentle knock at my door was the first sound that aroused me.