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It works by encouraging people to ask venue staff for "Angela" if they feel uncomfortable and workers - who have been made aware of the campaign via the National Pubwatch website - will call a taxi or help them leave discreetly.
There is a glaring disconnect between the loud condemnation of Russia in, say, Washington and London, and the talks that are being discreetly conducted at the highest level - and that result, every now and again, in public agreements," the author says.
Multi-year agreement for the purchase and delivery of visible and worn discreetly bulletproof vests for the benefit of the Police Ghent.
Gul said that he approached the presidential system discreetly.
The ex-Beatle entered the court's Family Division wing discreetly about 20 minutes before Ms Mills arrived.
Top marks to not only the conductor who continued undaunted, but also the string player who discreetly picked it up and placed it on Imgman's music stand, as if it had never happened.
Students can discreetly request help with the touch of a button and receive instant right/ wrong feedback.
Some churches discreetly advertise their vacation Bible school through announcements in the church bulletin or from the pulpit.
It should be very easy to compose a message and discreetly leave the device in the normal mode.
And, of more concern, aren't we advised by police to use our phones discreetly to avoid being mugged?
Some of the occult details are a bit gross but they are handled discreetly (even the baby-eating takes place "off stage").
We are working discreetly with all our might to wrest this mysterious force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local nation states of the world.