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2003), Multiple primer pairs were designed to probe specific sections of genomic sequences for caldesmon to help identify the reason for the discrepant hybridization results.
Although discrepant event inquiry became an integral part of my teaching strategy repertoire, I initially struggled with the development of the inquiry stories and puzzling statements.
The editor, in the Introduction, never directly explains the choice of the enigmatic and attractive title, Discrepant Histories.
5 SD) below their NVCAT scores; and two constructed CAT non-discrepant groups, one group individually matched for VCAT with the discrepant group and one individually matched for NVCAT with the discrepant group.
First, the movement from T to T[prime] may indicate a degenerating tendency if the revision of T involves primarily the introduction of new concepts or some other reformulation that attempts to explain away discrepant evidence.
In Discrepant Engagement: Dissonance, Cross-Culturality, and Experimental Writing, Nathaniel Mackey, like Don Byrd, is interested not in reducing literature to the proving ground of critical theory, but in reading and writing literature as a critical method for interpreting culture and recovering a sense of human agency.
Part of the fascination of calibrating a relation between the poet's Laura and his laurels derives from the discordant and discrepant possibilities of understanding them.
Banks regularly report that 50 percent to 60 percent of all letters of credit are discrepant upon first submission.
Eighty per cent of the receipts we get are discrepant," he notes.
2% of the devices produced will contain discrepant parts.
The discrepant slides were then retrospectively reviewed to determine whether malignancy present on the cytology slides was present on the hematology slides.