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DISCREPANCY. A difference between one thing and another, between one writing and another; a variance. (q.v.)
     2. Discrepancies are material and immaterial. A discrepancy is immaterial when there is such a difference between a thing alleged, and a thing offered in evidence, as to show they are not substantially the same; as, when the plaintiff in his declaration for a malicious arrest averred, that "the plaintiff, in that action, did not prosecute his said suit, but therein made default," and the record was, that he obtained a rule to discontinue. 4 M. & M. 2 5 3. An immaterial discrepancy is one which does not materially affect the cause as, where a declaration stated that a deed bore date in a certain year of our Lord, and the deed was simply dated " March 30, 1701." 2 Salk. 658; 19 John. 49 5 Taunt. 707; 2 B. & A. 301; 8 Miss. R. 428; 2 M'Lean, 69; 1 Metc. 59; 21 Pick. 486.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The percentage of discrepant results was calculated.
Discrepant samples all had [C.sub.t] of [greater than or equal to] 37.36, which correspond to 10 copies/mL of eluate and fall below the 95% LLOD.
The types of discrepancies identified most commonly were incorrect drug followed by discrepant dose.
For years, customers in the food and beverage, aerospace, defense and nuclear industries have asked about the potential of their WMS controlling the movement of discrepant materials.
Discrepant cases in which all 3 head and neck pathologists could not agree upon a single diagnosis were excluded.
Academic freedom provides scholars an opportunity and right to challenge one another's views, but does not penalize individuals for holding discrepant views.
All specimens generating discrepant results between the Alere i Influenza A & B test and viral culture were tested using an FDA cleared RT-PCR assay to confirm influenza status.
of London, Oxford and Osnabruck) guides us through the conceptualizing processes of sociocultural change that attempted to reconcile discrepant identities in the republic.
They particularly excel in analyzing multilateral discourses among contending versions by opposing participants in an event or series of interactions, thus revealing discrepant cultural presuppositions and understandings of what had transpired and its moral implications.
The doxography for Anaximander's account of the rings of the sky gives proportions for them that are discrepant. So a widely accepted hypothesis proposes that, since the circles of the celestial bodies are compared to wheels, one should add the thickness of their "rims" to the measurements for the celestial rings.
colleagues for due reaction to put away the statements totally discrepant with Georgian government's official position," he said.

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