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Of the 16 samples in which discrepant results based on the serial dilution criterion corresponded to a change in clinical interpretation, 2 of the 4 cortisol samples, 2 of the 3 PSA samples, and all 9 of the [beta]hCG samples had measurements within the reference interval for the 1:1 dilution but were outside the reference interval for at least one of the higher dilutions.
This study was initiated after samples from three patients with unexpectedly low calcium values from the Roche method on the Hitachi 747 showed discrepant results when measured by a different method (Dade Dimension RxL; Table 2).
Because we were unable to identify a common clinical denominator in the high-hsTnT group or the high-cTnI group, we suspect that autoantibodies directed against cardiac troponins contributed to the severely discrepant cTnI and hsTnT measurements in our patients, but we cannot prove this hypothesis owing to the retrospective study design.
Persons, MD; Raat such cases could give rise to discrepant results between immunohistochemistry and FISH assays for HER2.
What should the physicians do about the discrepant results before proceeding with the surgery?
The captured spot is available for review shortly after its airing, and all potentially discrepant spots are stored for review at least 120 days.
No actual instances of genetic discrimination were documented for any of the women in this study, indicating that "the fear of discrimination was discrepant with actual patient experience," Ms.
The discrepant rate remained relatively similar among different organ systems studied by different authors in different institutions: 38% for melanomas and melanocytic nevi, (2) 24% for musculoskeletal sarcomas, (3) 42.
The tree acts as a linchpin for the discrepant perspectives without reconciling them.
Discrepant invoices and pricing errors generate a massive amount of paperwork resulting in hours of rework and a significant impact to the bottom line.
Discrepant results were defined as those that were either >7 IU/L on Immulite and <4 IU/L on Roche assay, or <4 IU/L on Immulite and > 7 IU/L on Roche assay; this definition was used in order not to classify as discrepant closely similar results that happened to lie on either side of the cutoff point.
Access to the actual spot as aired will minimize administrative costs and wasted cycles both parties incur when trying to chase down a possibly discrepant airplay.