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Once you enter the realm of discrete graphics, you know you're serious about graphical processing.
If [U.sub.d]([??]), [??] [member of] h[Z.sup.m], is a function of a discrete variable, then we call it "discrete function".
Select an Internet infrastructure that will support the data transmission needs of a discrete installation, but also has the capacity for expansion.
0]' where '--here and further means transportation; [B.sub.i] - nxn--matrixes characterizing quantifier presence with various discrete times in system, they consist of 0 and i and represent quantification.
Udriste, "Discrete multitime multiple recurrence," 2015,
Result comparison among these dictionaries was carried out using small patches of real image with small Gaussian noise factor and results showed that our proposed adaptive dictionaries based on discrete wavelet basis function as compared to discrete cosine basis function based dictionary.
The respective example shows that a space X need not be sequential even if every discrete subspace in X is closed and hence X is discretely metrizable.
What is surprising, however, is just how difficult it's become to find a discrete GPU aACAo even as an option.
When people think of lighting-class LEDs, they often think of a discrete high-power (1 W or greater) LED.
(2010) discussed the nonlinear discrete optimization problem of designing a one-period planning horizon supply chain with integrated and flexible decisions on location of plants and warehouses, on levels of production and inventory, and on transportation models, considering stochastic demand and the ABC classification for finished goods.
Finding the least-cost path from a source point to a destination point can be done within two contexts: (a) routing along a discrete network and (b) routing across a continuous surface.
Chen, "Robust HM control for uncertain discrete stochastic time-delay systems," Systems and Control Letters, vol.

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