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Figure 3 shows the smoothed probability of the low Taylor rule intercept (S1 = 1) from the model with the discreteness adjustment.
After February 2001, the effect of price discreteness should have become considerably smaller compared to the predecimal tick size regimes.
They used this distribution to support the statistical discreteness of the categories.
Because discreteness is a property of almost any experiment, conventions must be developed to deal with the problem.
But Professor Ackerman cautions that the traditional criteria for political powerlessness--the standards of discreteness and insularity articulated in Justice Stone's famous footnote number four to Carolene Products--are in fact poor indicia for political effectiveness.
Such trajectories are only apparent when viewed within a dynamic context of space and time, where their indeterminate capacity for expansion and change reveal discreteness as an illusion.
On the basis of these reflections one concludes that individuality requires not only spatiotemporal discreteness (which asexual species arguably possess) but also interior complexity.
A considerable degree of uncertainty still remains in the current views of haddock stock structure within New England waters, particularly over the discreteness of the Nantucket Shoals population and, to a lesser extent, that in the Gulf of Maine.
Two neighboring parallel dashed lines are often indicated for the theoretical price predictions because the discreteness of the problem often makes the theoretical solutions non-unique.
My proposed solution to this problem is to consider both spaces to be discrete spaces "hidden" underneath the continuous approximation, as if we do not yet have enough resolution to detect this discreteness.
He also examines the spectrum of complexity, the importance of discreteness and symmetry, natural structures for man-made machines and he resulting curvature, positional information and scale-free networks, evolution through engineering, the boundless nature of organics, posthuman concepts, the physics of it all, counter arguments and objective opinions, and extra material on the semantic web.