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Building on both theoretical literatures, we develop a stylized model where PBCs within subnational districts of federal countries are affected by the discretional allocation of federal funds.
In this sense, although modern administrative agents are very tolerant in terms of this category and affirm that administrative law is discretional, the characteristic is more strongly related to the technical features or expertise of executive power, than to the subjectivity expressed by legal theory.
Table 2: Discretional statistics of research variables discretional potassium isotope statistics Number 7 Mean 794/57 Min 812 Mod 634 a 128.
This, in turn, stimulates them to strive to maintain this identity through engaging in discretional behavior.
He said that the CJ of Peshawar High Court not rightly exercise his discretional power and sent only five names just for five seats to judicial commission of Pakistan and left no choice for competition.
The basis for an individual's autonomy index relates to the worker's responses regarding questions about the discretional ability to choose or change the order of tasks, the methods used at work, and the speed or rate at which employees may work.
DISCUSSION: The present study was a prospective discretional study conducted in 150 patients of MDR TB detected by sputum culture & sensitivity in the Department of General Medicine, NSCB Medical College, Jabalpur (M.
Furthermore, the manager'sdecision and his discretional behaviour have an influence on corporate performance through the strategic management process.
Additionally, reduced demand from the remaining seven million expatriates for large discretional items remains a threat.
It is a country with a high level of corruption cultivated by predator institutions from colonial times, powerful leaders (caudillos), and discretional governments (Arruda, 1997).
5) Put options for reserve accumulation, partially implemented to replenish the strong reduction of international reserves observed in 1997-2000, accounted for all purchases in 2000-2003, while discretional interventions explained a large part of purchases in 2004-2007.