discretionary order

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"While decisions of the United States Supreme Court are not binding on this court with respect to issues of state law, that Court's succinct explanation of the limited role of agency counsel in judicial review of agency actions is persuasive: a court 'may not accept appellate counsel's post hoc rationalizations for agency action, Chenery requires that an agency's discretionary order be upheld, if at all, on the same basis articulated in the order by the agency itself.' Burlington Truck Lines v.
The principles enunciated in House v The King were fashioned with a close eye on the characteristics of a discretionary order in the sense which we have outlined.
"In this case the time line has always been a critical element of the outcome since it is a presidential discretionary order," Muzaffar Chishti, an attorney and director of the Migration Policy Institute's office at New York University School of Law, told the Tribune in October.
"It is very functional, easy to use, and a state-of-the-art discretionary order entry platform."
CESR describes a type of discretionary order', which would not be eligible for a waiver.