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As we were checking in for flight to Entebbe, security operatives at Juba airport identified four of us who are Nuer among the staffs and discriminately confiscated our passports and IDs from UNMISS," said the staff, who preferred anonymity.
However, it should not be used routinely in all cataract patients post-operatively, but instead used discriminately in cases with unexpected visual outcome, in order to limit the burden on NHS resources.
116) Thus, the integrity of the offender index profiles in CODIS are well preserved and all thirteen loci can be discriminately examined.
As noted in one report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), "the unique contributions of ground forces--the ability to take and hold terrain, operate discriminately in close proximity to vulnerable populations, and instill confidence in allies and partners--will be no less vital in the coming decade.
Ends/Goals Moral vision: expressed broadly attractive values good Prudence: balanced values and risks good Means Force: used proportionally and discriminately mixed Liberal: respected rights and institutions mixed Consequences Fiduciary: was good for American interests good Cosmopolitan: minimized damages to others mixed Educational: broadened moral discourse at home and abroad good
She has been linked to the plot which culminated in the death of 67 people after terror group, Al Shabaab, stormed a Kenyan shopping mall killing discriminately as they went.
The United States] unfairly favour[s] their own goods and discriminately against nations that do apply such a [carbon emission] charge.
In sum, done discriminately, research using the Consumer Expenditure Survey is worth our expenditure of energy and need not be an inordinate consumer of our time.
Helmsing, says that the adverb indiscretim was used to indicate the dialectical relationship of the two principles, witnessing to the unity of the church and sharing in the means of grace: "Indiscretim does not mean that communicatio in sacris may be practiced, not indiscriminately but discriminately or with discretion; it means that the two aspects of communion (means of grace, and expression of unity) cannot be separated.
Thus, the use of jus ad vim as a means to enhance a state's capacity to act on just cause proportionately and discriminately may lead to its propensity to do the opposite.
Citizens have criticized previous security campaigns in the city for discriminately applying regulations.
The ideal photograph occurs when the perfect moment, discriminately chosen, is captured and all elements of the photographer's vision come together in unison.