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The federal prison system has practices that discriminate against Aboriginal offenders," Correctional Investigator Howard Sapers says in his Annual Report of the Corrections Ombudsman.
In addition, there is no objective evidence that the UC system discriminates against fundamentalist students.
Kirklees Council say they do not discriminate against minority groups.
How about a ban on cheaper car insurance for older people on the grounds that it discriminates against 21-year-old boy racers in a disgracefully ageist manner?
Same-sex liaisons are Satan's counterfeit of marriage, and on July 12, 2002, three Superior Court of Ontario Justices ruled unanimously that not to recognize samesex marriages would be a violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms because it would discriminate against "gays" and lesbians.
2] This federal legislation requires that all employers of more than 15 employees must refrain from policies and procedures that either expressly or effectively discriminate against specified categories of individuals except under limited circumstances.
The Boy Scouts of America doesn't even follow its own Scout Law when it discriminates against gay people.
It is to be hoped state lawmakers will not try, instead, to legislate taxes that discriminate in more subtle ways in an effort to circumvent South Central Bell entirely.
Essentially, the law discriminates against producers above this limit since wineries with lower production levels can sell directly to Massachusetts's adult residents and at the wholesale level.
They sent a second letter on March 3, again asking: "If an agency of the federal government discriminates against an individual based on his or her sexual orientation, does that violate the law and does that individual have any recourse through your office?
In other words," McGovern said "this bill would allow a religious organization that discriminates based on religion, like a Bob Jones University, to get taxpayer money and use that federal funding to legally discriminate on religious grounds when hiring staff to carry out the job-training programs and services in this bill.