discriminating taste

See: discretion
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Leigh-Davis weighed in, “'Confidence Magazine' continues to be the magazine for 'men and women of discriminating taste,' albeit with better writers and more outstanding photos.
Native and naturalized perspectives are seen as a single identity that represents Black Canadian thought, its evolution and value in a world with discriminating taste.
Covetousness (whether for riches, power or prestige) has been christened by contemporary society; now it's called ambition, discriminating taste, wanting "the good life," a.
Even those of us who pride ourselves on our discriminating taste, cosmopolitanism and sophistication have been seen with our noses in the sort of newspapers that have in their recurring cast Bigfoot, UFOs, and anonymous unclad women on the inside pages.
For his first season, Oregon Ballet Theater Artistic Director Christopher Stowell selected ballets that reflect his training, performing experience, and discriminating taste.
Beau Rivage definitely delivers on its promise to amuse and enchant, even those with the most discriminating taste.
Confidence Magazine, described as a magazine for men and women of discriminating taste, has often focused on cars, but now it will be a featured segment in every issue.
David Walentas the developer with his discriminating taste and vigilant attention to detail is setting new standards in loft conversions.
Never one to sit idle, the recently retired technical writer is taking her culinary delights into Santa Clarita Valley homes with Sweetees Personal Chef Service, a licensed, custom meal preparation service for people with discriminating taste.
Great opportunity for Interior Designers, Architects and Investors with good discriminating taste.
When it comes to men's clothes, there are plenty of tuxedo rental shops in the area, but Ron Ross and Rick Pallack are the major players, specializing in customized suits and sportswear for those with discriminating taste.
The Bravissimo Collection is one of the most remarkable offerings of exceptional and exquisite gifts available, reflecting the distinct style of those who have discriminating taste in business gifts.