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As such, a test exhibits discriminative validity if a patient group achieves significantly different scores than a healthy group (Crowley et al.
Fisher, Kuhn, and Thompson (1998) established discriminative control of mand responding using functional and alternative reinforc-ers during mand training.
Assistants responded correct on the average of 99% (range = 75% to 100%) for application of the discriminative stimulus, 100% for the correct controlling prompt delay with the across-session progressive time delay, 98% (range = 90% to 100%) for correct controlling prompt delay for the within-session progressive time delay, and 100% for the feedback procedures across participants.
We hereafter refer to such keys as highly discriminative keys (HDKs).
Researchers have begun to investigate how changing or removing the discriminative stimuli that "guide" the response sequence during acquisition affect skill maintenance (e.
He made it clear no one should apprehend that any leniency or discriminative attitude would be given to him.
The fact that dogs are able to recognize their own species visually, and that they have great olfactory discriminative capacities, insures that social behavior and mating between different breeds is still potentially possible," the researchers concluded
The proceedings of the November 2011 conference presents a vocabulary tree date structure for adaptive SIFT matching, a point weighting strategy for random sample consensus, and a discriminative visual object contour tracking algorithm using a multi-cue fusion particle filter.
The point is that a percentage of the sales of the products, regardless of who owns the franchise, goes to a country that has aggressive, discriminative Zionist policies and practice.
He expressed his sheer apprehensions and concerns regarding flight of precious revenue and skilled resources from the Country, and said that PPPP came to power in quite inclement times, forcing it to seek IMF loans, swallowing the bitter pill of very discriminative conditions.
Especially migrants are subject to discriminative acts.
Sulejman Rushiti from DR says that this had the aim to defocus the attention from the Census and the discriminative draft budget for Albanians.