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The results find little encouragement for the view that discriminative stimuli inevitably become classical CSs for the instrumental reinforcer whose availability they signal, let alone for the stronger claim that it is by virtue of their status as CSs that they come to control instrumental responding, (p.
The paper is organized as follows: Section 2 gives an overview on related works for building more discriminative and representative visual vocabularies.
And then the derived features are straightforwardly delivered to discriminative models for image classification.
But, because of the features of his procedure, in which another response must be emitted following the reinforcer appearance, the interpretation of the results was based on the discriminative function of these stimuli.
Then correlation between these two methods was calculated and discriminative acoustic features were identified for each isolated Arabic consonant.
By exploring the label information of training dataset, some supervised dictionary learning approaches have been proposed to learn a discriminative dictionary for the classification task.
For discriminative validity, the differences between the young athletes with and without LBP were examined by the independent samples t-test.
We asked to remove it immediately as it is considered discriminative.
The problem in segregating the labourers, apart from being discriminative, is that it can restrict their freedom and cost them more to move from one place to another.
which adopts racial discriminative policies against the Palestinians who live under
It is necessary to prevent discriminative actions targeting the members of such a holy religion as Islam.
Kenaan told the "Voice of Lebanon" radio that his bloc had warned at the very beginning of the rise of extremist parties in Lebanon, but it was accused of being discriminative, "where as now all parties have realized the gravity of the terrorists' danger and the need to deal with them.