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Because the host has a role and focus that is different from that of the social workers (e.g., administration compared to direct service), it may unintentionally act discriminatively toward those outside that role.
The suspicion that there might be a correlation is well-founded: for instance, the officer selection and the rank and file selection variable are tightly connected: in all seventeen cases, where the rank and file was selectively recruited, logically the officers were also discriminatively appointed.
Those who treat AIDS sufferers so poorly and discriminatively and often vehemently defend their position by insisting that the syndrome is a clear sign of divine retribution reinforce this understanding of AIDS as expression of God's wrath.
Balls' strategy to emphasise economic growth as the best route to balancing the books while carefully raising taxes and cutting budgets more discriminatively over many more years is designed to counter Tory/Lib Dem claims that Labour would have had to make the same cuts.
In other words, some verbal operants discriminatively tact other verbal operants.
We consider the text in title field and body field of messages separately but discriminatively. Usually, title is the outline of body contents, so words in title filed are more descriptive and discriminative in contrast to the words in body field.
The first best outcome occurs if the choice made by the individuals in the population is the same as what would be made if the regulator is able to perfectly observe each individual's type and discriminatively punish based on the individual's type.
Skinner (1969) states this point as follows: An organism learns to react discriminatively to the world around it under certain contingencies of reinforcement...
Themed chapters successively address issues of alterity, gender, place, language, and hybridity, consistently bringing a distinctively Welsh twist to these familiar buzz-words, and engaging discriminatively with the work of theorists from Albert Memmi to Bill Ashcroft.
The auditory nerve then "propagate[s] to the brain a different form of excitement according as the beats [received on the tympanum] are few or many," and according to "extremely minute differences of pitch [that] impress themselves discriminatively on the fibres" (p.
The rhetoric of the disproportionate-enforcement critics flags the particular irony that bias crimes, of all crimes, would be enforced discriminatively. Thus, Justice Abrahamson cited the concern that "hate crime laws will ultimately be used against the very groups they are designed to protect," (75) and Professor Weinstein the fear that "hate crime laws ...
at 119 (distinguishing equal protection claims based on facially neutral policies applied discriminatively from claims based on policies containing express racial classifications).