discriminatory powers

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Table II.- Discriminatory powers analysis for different RAPD markers used in genetic analysis of gray langurs of Pakistan.
Values of discriminatory power indices of different markers have been presented in Table II.
The permanent residents were given discriminatory powers. Restrictions were placed on non-state subjects in terms of public
Tiensasitorn et al., "Discriminatory powers of molecular typing techniques for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in a University Hospital, Thailand," Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health, vol.
Molecular methods for MRSA typing as pulsed field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) have good discriminatory power and more reproducibility but are expensive, not widely available, and time consuming [3].
The coagulase gene amplification discriminatory power relies on the heterogeneity of the region containing the 81 bp tandem repeats at the 3' coding region of the coagulase gene which differs both in the number of tandem repeats and the location of AluI and HaeIII restriction sites among different isolates [5].
However, antibiogram typing cannot be used as the only typing method for MRSA because of its poor discriminatory power [1].
Focusing only on the 100 DT104 group isolates, the discriminatory power of STTR9 and STTR3 were poor, whereas STTR5, STTR6, STTR10, and DT104o displayed high discriminatory powers (Table).
The 5 common and DT104o loci displayed high discriminatory power: Table.
We also found that DT104o could provide more discriminatory power to MLVA5 in some settings (online Technical Appendix Table 2).
His recent decisions of using his discriminatory powers to appoint Waqar Younis and Ijaz Ahmed as coach and assistant coach respectively, and Mohsin Khan as the new chief selector have also not gone down well with the government, The Nation reports.
Most important of all, it is an open and transparent policy - which has removed all executive discriminatory powers. The tremendous recent interest by major multinationals is indeed a reflection of investors' confidence in the energy policy of the present government.