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Masood Ashraf Raja from Texas University spoke in detail about the discursive methods and power tactics used by the colonial powers for promoting hegemony.
The perspective of environmental knowledge is also a support to search for the discursive formations that are understood as heterogeneous (5).
Critical discursive social psychology (Bozatzis & Dragonas 2013; Bozatzis 2009; Wetherell 1998; Wetherell & Edley 1999), as a method of qualitative data analysis, aims at examining talk-in action, as processes of ideological reproduction in talk, as specific social practices, taking into account the constructive and action-oriented nature of discourse (Potter 2007).
This book therefore extends the concept of symbolic representation, pushing its definition beyond that envisaged by Pitkin by 'taking a discursive turn in the analysis of women's representation'.
If the language of poetry can be defined by deviation from the norm of everyday speech and discursive statements, then linguistic non-deviation from the norm is equivalent to non-poetry, and the novel, therefore, appears as a discursive text, particularly close to the genre of historiography.
On the other hand, Schons (UPF), while considering social practices as also imaginary constructions, deals with body reading in cyberspace within a discursive perspective.
Discursive power is defined as the production of effects through the mobilization of particular discourses, that is, "specific communicative event(s), in general, and a written or oral form of verbal interaction or language use, in particular" (van Dijk 2008, 104).
Therefore in the first section I argue: (a) that conceptions of time and space can be used as analytical differentiators in discourse analysis; and (b) that there are distinguishable physical and practico-sensory conceptions of time and space that can be shown to do different discursive and political work.
Such discursive norms are, of course, derived from, and subordinate to language norms, but they are not always generalizations of the others.
Regardless of whether the discursive procedure should aim for a full motivational consensus, (61) a mere overlapping consensus, (62) a pragmatic compromise, (63) or just a reasonable disagreement, (64) all of these deliberative standards are based on an open exchange of reasons.
Rokem exemplifies discursive practice in chapter 1 with Sophocles' drama Oedipus Tyrannus and Aristophanes' oration in the Symposium.
Public sphere theory has had value for the discussion of discursive politics online, and I provide an analysis of its uses and its problems for the study of counter-hegemonic discursive communities like the Australian feminist blogging community.