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It incorporates the characters and plot line of a novel, the descriptive power of poetry, the substance of a history lesson, the discursiveness of an essay, and the--often inadvertent--self-revelation of a memoir.
The perception of discursiveness and non-discursiveness in music may change from listener to listener.
After remembrance and forgetting, and wonderful discursiveness, he meets his lover.
76) The use of the word 'emergency' for such housing further indicates the discursiveness of the official kampong clearance programme.
Rather, their constant effort to define, to get at the essences of existents, often keeps them at a certain level of discursiveness, abstraction, or generality.
This paper makes use of Hudson's (2006) suggested principles of justice in guiding the discussion: discursiveness, relationalism and reflectiveness.
17) On the contrary, we might discern in Hazlitt's familiar essays, just such a performance, itself embodying the creative practice that it seeks to explicate, expertly negotiating the "pure" discursiveness of philosophy and the "pure" creativity of poetry.
Thus, the discursiveness of philosophy opposes the forms of the edifying discourse specific to religion, and the argumentative moment plays an essential role.
The discursiveness of the work is what makes each chapter so worthy of study.
She writes that its tone "gives in general an appearance of moral neutrality amounting to pure discursiveness, but since the tone falters in the second of the three stanzas describing the Diver, we begin to suspect the putative neutrality of the opening and closing stanzas bracketing the middle one" (181).
Clary's work, for instance, is gorgeously atmospheric and meditative, yet through discursiveness it resists incantation: the poems often sound like very ambitious conversations, and they are nearly always spoken to an unidentified other (which also takes the incantatory edge off the language):
Epstein style remains thick orderly paragraphs in seamless succession, an elegant discursiveness and easy authority, and a polished conservative sensibility.