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DISCUSSANT: Dr Muhammad Khan Niazi, Assistant Chief, Planning & Development Division, Islamabad
Discussant: Ariel Burstein, University of California, Los Angeles
Discussant: Ernesto Dalbo, University of California, Berkeley
Nick Bloom, Stanford University, and John Van Reenen, London School of Economics, "Measuring and Explaining Management Practices across Firms and Countries" Discussant: Belen Villalonga, Harvard University
And you would like to know if malaria has been treated" (Female discussant, rural area).
In testing for the effects of selection and influence in Italy during the 2014 European elections, our main strategy to explain these two mechanisms was as follows: With regard to selection, we ask whether being in agreement with and/or having an intimate discussant in a wave leads the respondent to name the same discussant in a subsequent wave.
Discussants: Nicolas Crespo; Joseph Scarpaci, Virginia Tech.
One issue raised by the discussant relates to our choice of dependent variable.
Although all individuals are both senders and receivers in the collective deliberations of democracy, we will refer to the main respondent as the "listener" or "receiver" and the discussant as the "talker" or "sender." This terminology focuses attention on the message sent by discussants and received by main respondents, which is the only context we are equipped to address with our research.
Discussant: Steven Callander, Northwestern University