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As experience with other disease control programs has shown, going the last mile is often the hardest.
Only recently have practical applications of Bayesian methods in large-scale tropical disease control programs been reported (7-9).
The CDC agrees that disease control programs have not been standardized or coordinated; nor is there a mechanism in place to quickly share information when needed.
FOR a few days it seemed like the county's Department of Health Services' Disease Control Programs was misnamed because, according to its director, Dr.
Why They Came Back Tuberculosis Erosion of disease control programs, appearance of HIV/AIDS, and increasing volume of immigrations.
Although it is not mandatory for producers to ID their livestock, USDA is utilizing premise ID and electronic identification for their numerous disease control programs (brucellosis, tuberculosis, psuedorabies, chronic wasting disease, etc.
Orondis is an excellent foundation fungicide and offers growers a new tool in their disease control programs," said Bernd Druebbisch, fungicide product lead, Syngenta.
2011) attempted to characterize it as a minority view while ignoring national malaria control programs and ministers of health who repeatedly proclaim the importance of DDT for disease control programs in countries with high incidence of malaria.