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The disease history of 13 participants was < 4 years, 5-8 years in 18 participants, 9-12 years in 10 participants, and > 13 years in five participants.
When the A-M+ Schizophrenia and A-M- Schizophrenia groups were compared in terms of disease history it was observed that the total hospital stay (p=0.
According to the survey of the disease history, the following complications during pregnancy and childbirth were revealed in women of Yrgyz settlement: premature birth in 20 (12%) women; bleeding during pregnancy and childbirth in 3 (1.
A significant association was observed for road accident history, Gender, disease history of relative, Glass Sharing and Spoon Sharing with respect to Anti-HCV status for house hold contacts (P-valueless than 0.
Arguments in support of a correlation between Peg IFN-[alpha] and cardiomyopathy include the following aspects: all other possible infectious and drugs or systemic causes were ruled out; cardiotoxicity was present during Peg IFN-[alpha] treatment; cardiotoxicity regression after drug withdrawal; absence of any previous heart disease history and specific investigations before treatment excluding a pre-existing cardiomyopathy, and the symptoms and the results of the various investigations carried out in the context of the dilated cardiomyopathy.
1 2 Age, y/sex 73/M 65/M Occupation Farmer Retiree Location (district) in Fengxian Baoshan Shanghai Disease history Coronary heart Hypertension; disease; articular gout; chronic hepatic benign schistosomiasis prostatic hyperplasia History of poultry At home At live poultry exposure markets Date of last visit to NA 2013 Mar 29 live poultry market Date of symptom onset 2013 Mar 31 2013 Apr 1 Date of infection 2013 Apr 6 2013 Apr 6 confirmation Date admitted to 2013 Apr 6 2013 Apr 6 SHPHCC Clinical symptoms 6 d of fever 6 d of fever present when admitted (maximum (maximum SHPHCC temperature temperature 39.
2002 cholesterol-treatment guidelines, but a larger number of studies showed something else: Patients with a history of MI had a substantially higher rate of subsequent MIs or cardiovascular deaths than patients with diabetes but no coronary disease history.
A 55-year-old female without any cardiovascular disease history and drug use was admitted to our emergency department with complete AV block and symptoms of nausea, dizziness and syncope.
Of more of thousand patients treated, a huge amount of them showed significant improvement in their condition and quality of life parameters after treatment at the Dead Sea, describing their stay as a turning point in their disease history and in their life.
Coronary artery disease history was defined as either a prior myocardial infarction or percutaneous coronary revascularization.
This is because numerous non-genetic factors, such as alcohol and tobacco use, certain medications, and disease history, can contribute to infertility.
According to researchers, these findings suggest that dietary TAC is inversely associated with total stroke among cardiovascular disease-free women and hemorrhagic stroke among women with cardiovascular disease history

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