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His primary research interest is applying computational and statistical methods to understand and control populations of Chagas disease vectors.
Such quick forecasts will be of immense help for health authorities to prepare for intervention measures that do not require complex analysis of disease vector and host dynamics.
Although not disease vectors, they are an emerging public health problem with substantial clinical and financial impact.
She adds that growth in population density spurred by agriculture settlements led to an increase in infectious diseases, likely exacerbated by problems of sanitation and the proximity to domesticated animals and other novel disease vectors.
Vas Dev, Scientist E and officer-in-charge, NIMR Field Station Guwahati, participated in the III International Forum for Sustainable Management of Disease Vectors, at Hongzhau (October 28-November 1, 2010).
While the outbreak of epidemics has been checked to a large extent through timely intervention by the government, the current situation can lead to the breeding of disease vectors of malaria, Gilani warned.
We requested regions' to open their offices for any issues regarding environment, sanitation and building inspection, controlling disease vectors.
This is the theory behind reversion of resistance, especially in disease vectors.
Mosquitoes were chosen, Zhu said, because of the abundant research on them as human disease vectors.
When populations are present on the casing surface, they can be spread throughout the farm through normal disease vectors such as pickers and flies.
Human health would be adversely affected by higher temperatures, mainly due to changes in geographical ranges of disease vectors like mosquitoes, waterborne pathogens, water quality, air quality and food availability and quality.
This collection of research articles on the contamination, toxicity and treatment of drinking water is designed for researchers and field engineers, with expert contributors examining the disease vectors and pathogens that may cause public health crises if safety guidelines for potability are not met.

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