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If EU governments are serious about taking a rights-respecting course, they should swiftly enact policies supporting European rescue at sea, safe disembarkation, and protection upon arrival at EU ports, and ensure that no one should be returned to Libya, given theserious risks to their lives and rights.
PML-N's Waris Shad termed the disembarkation of Hamza as the violation of article 10 of Human Rights Act.
Further down the line in March 2020, the Norwegian Spirit will also embark in Dubai before stopping at Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Muscat, Seychelles, Madagascar, Reunion and South Africa, with a disembarkation in Cape Town.
Whether that means establishing regional disembarkation platforms or some other mechanism remains to be seen.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Egypt rejected the idea, agreed during a recent EU summit, to ease tensions over migration in the bloc, but praised the German Chancellor's intentions to improve the situation in the refugees' homelands, while Albania, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria have also spoken against disembarkation facilities for refugees on their territories.
CAIRO -- 30 June 2018: Egypt has announced rejection to the concept reached by European leaders of establishing "controlled centers" and "disembarkation platforms" for migrants, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zeid announced Friday.
Specially designed gift bags are also available for Premium Cabin guests wishing to take the iftar box away after disembarkation.
Tourism officer Russel Gecha said the municipal government earned P3.5 million from disembarkation fees collected from tourists at P250 per person.
IOM was present at the disembarkation point in Tripoli and provided the survivors with food and water.
The annual European Economic Contribution Report also lists Southampton as the number one embarkation and disembarkation port in Northern Europe.
When the flight was taken to an isolated area, officials asked to initiate the process of disembarkation but it didn't start.