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He said that all those on board were presumed dead as their loved ones who had disembarked before the incident confirmed it with their names.
Eighty-three migrants rescued at sea by the Open Arms disembarked early Wednesday from the charity rescue vessel in Italy's Lampedusa island, television images showed, after Italian justice ordered they be brought ashore.
at landing on the top of the central patient care building ("heliport"), emergency helicopters shall be safely disembarked and disembarked as required by the authorities (9/2015.
The Alan Kurdi -- named after a Syrian toddler who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea -- stayed in international waters as the migrants disembarked.
School bus drivers and supervisors in the Capital have been reminded to strictly follow safety guidelines, including the routine of checking their buses after pupils have disembarked.
'Our esteemed passengers on board the flight were calm during the incident and disembarked normally.
He disembarked through one of these and stood on the aircraft wing where two passengers were helping others to get out.
During the delay, around 50 passengers stuck waiting on the plane canceled their travel plans and disembarked, but the flight eventually took off for Istanbul with their baggage still aboard.
A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: "All the passengers and crew members have disembarked from a plane which is being searched by police following a security alert reported by the crew of a flight at Glasgow Airport.
Emergency services met the plane when it landed, passengers were disembarked and the plane was searched, before flights resumed and airport operations returned to normal.
A Police Scotland spokesman said: "All the passengers and crew disembarked and the aircraft was searched following a security alert reported by the crew.