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It might have been fancied, indeed, that she expected to minister to the wants of the community unseen, like a disembodied divinity or enchantress, holding forth her bargains to the reverential and awe-stricken purchaser in an invisible hand.
He evaded a sentinel, passed the out-guard and support, and by devious ways came again to Colonel Capell's headquarters, where he appeared before the officers gathered there as a disembodied spirit materializing out of thin air.
It gives me little consolation to think I shall next behold you as a disembodied spirit, or an altered being, with a frame perfect and glorious, but not like this
If you can suppose a disembodied spirit to appear in earthly clothing--of silk or merino, as the case may be--it's no great stretch to suppose, next, that this same spirit is capable of holding a mortal pencil, and of writing mortal words in a mortal sketching-book.
Nutcombe, formerly of Chicago, later of London, now a disembodied spirit.
Thou knowest the life I have led, keeping each point of my Order, striving with devils embodied and disembodied, striking down the roaring lion, who goeth about seeking whom be may devour, like a good knight and devout priest, wheresoever I met with him even as blessed Saint Bernard hath prescribed to us in the forty-fifth capital of our rule, Ut Leo semper feriatur.
And yet at the moment, Rodney and Katharine herself seemed disembodied ghosts.
Casaubon objected so strongly that it seemed as if the annoyance would make part of his disembodied existence.
He sat in the same place as the day died, looking at the dull houses opposite, and thinking, if the disembodied spirits of former inhabitants were ever conscious of them, how they must pity themselves for their old places of imprisonment.
A disembodied voice introduces to the impetuous young heiress each of the Squickerwonkers and their corresponding deadly sin, and she soon learns of the consequences of her own demise-inducing vice.
The Leg" is a new graphic novel starring the disembodied, sentient leg of Mexican President Santa Anna.