disembodied spirit

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With martial snare drums marking her lover's long trek to his maker and a ghostly male choir of lost souls in the distance gradually moving closer and closer, the disembodied spirit of her paramour coos, "Where once we kissed and ran/The memory scorched the man/I have to tell you dear/Death has become my breathing.
In the height of Elsie-mania, the disembodied spirit certainly her share of followers and believers.
Accompanied by the tongue-in-cheek, bone-rattling, xylophone melody lifted from The Four Lads' 1950s novelty hit "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)," Harvey, with her chilling, high-register voice, sounds like a disembodied spirit trapped in between the worlds of the living and the dead, as she waves goodbye to fresh-faced "Tommy Atkins" heading off to "the fountain of death.
With shades of "Hurt," the Gothic-tinged "Lights in the Sky" is a somber piano dirge in which Reznor bids adieu to a modern-day Ophelia who has met a watery grave and has become a disembodied spirit in the night.
As they join Misher and Lochhead on the project, the filmmaking team will again depict the supernatural in Shadow, set in an epic-scale world filled with mythic giants and disembodied spirits.
Then, Coyne's detached and disconcerting voice is further distorted and dismembered in a choir of crying, disembodied spirits.
And his aggressively postmodernist rejection of biological accounts of human behavior comes with problems of its own: undeniably, we are evolved animals, and not disembodied spirits.
One story says, on that day, the disembodied spirits of all those who had died throughout the preceding year would come back in search of living bodies to possess.
The purpose of the present work is twofold: (1) to lay out a consistent, nonscientistic form of naturalism ("social naturalism") that excludes reliance on supernatural or spiritual entities such as God, disembodied spirits, or souls; (2) to show that naturalism thus conceived provides a better alternative than religion to the understanding and valuing of human life and society.
Our hope is, that in God's good time, we live as persons and not merely disembodied spirits - like some Casper-the-ghost reality, floating out there in the aether somewhere.
Let us recall that the Romans considered these fantastic beings disembodied spirits, ghosts, or shadows of the dead.
What hitherto could exist only separately now fits organically together: the human being in the corporeal world talks with disembodied spirits, music meets speech on equal terms" (Arnheim, Radio: An Art of Sound [London: Faber & Faber, 1936], quoted here p.