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Other examples include translating "desembocar" as "disembogue," an abstruse word when "disgorge," "issue," or "spew forth" might work better; "huerta" as "fields"; "volcar" as "to turn" rather than "to overturn or upset"; and "palabreria" as "word string" rather than "palaver" or "prattle." Finally, there must be a misprint in note 16 on p.
(5) This equation of the empire of dullness and the English Atlantic casually reveals a set of prejudices that finds a decidedly more vehement articulation in a brief passage in The Hind and the Panther (1685): Here let my sorrow give my satyr place, To raise new blushes on my British race; Our sayling ships like common shoars we use, And through our distant colonies diffuse The draughts of Dungeons, and the stench of stews; Whom, when their home-bred honesty is lost, We disembogue on some far Indian coast: Thieves, Pandars, Palliards, sins of ev'ry sort, Those are the manufactures we export; And these the Missionaires our zeal has made: For, with my countrey's pardon be it said, Religion is the least of all our trade.
Sandy sediments carried by different streams to the coast have helped to keep the beach stability in El Rodadero and Salguero beaches, where the Gaira River disembogues. These sediments maintain a balance with respect to the input and output of materials.