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Austrian Actionism has safely entered art history, but founding member Hermann Nitsch still knows how to disembowel a lamb.
A SICK doll which asks toddlers to disembowel it is on sale in Dublin shops.
Giving it to so-called artists so they can buy the corpse of a cow to disembowel, or handing it to one-legged lesbian drop-in centres is not what the public wants - and it is, after all, the public's money.
No longer do I have to disembowel the bag and reveal a dozen receipts, a half-eaten sandwich, indigestion tablets, two pairs of specs, a purse, dog biscuits, emery boards and a pair of laddered tights.
After a furious bout of brownie point gathering, I had almost finished when the DIY knife I was using for trimming, decided to slip off a skirting board and disembowel my thumb.
How sad it is to watch a country as this, spoiled by the love of money and greed, disembowel itself from the moral, ethical, and godly foundation it was first built on.
Two women disembowel a loaf of bread; a man skates on silver platters; and a pair of lovers writhe in a pool of rice and raw eggs.
And Sir John's great-greatgreat-great nephew Tony Williams believes Sir John used the knife to disembowel five prostitutes in London in 1888.
Veterans who went great distances at great sacrifices to do great things did not come home to disembowel the Constitution or dismantle the First Amendment or any other amendment.