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Austrian Actionism has safely entered art history, but founding member Hermann Nitsch still knows how to disembowel a lamb.
A SICK doll which asks toddlers to disembowel it is on sale in Dublin shops.
Giving it to so-called artists so they can buy the corpse of a cow to disembowel, or handing it to one-legged lesbian drop-in centres is not what the public wants - and it is, after all, the public's money.
No longer do I have to disembowel the bag and reveal a dozen receipts, a half-eaten sandwich, indigestion tablets, two pairs of specs, a purse, dog biscuits, emery boards and a pair of laddered tights.
After a furious bout of brownie point gathering, I had almost finished when the DIY knife I was using for trimming, decided to slip off a skirting board and disembowel my thumb.
Two women disembowel a loaf of bread; a man skates on silver platters; and a pair of lovers writhe in a pool of rice and raw eggs.
And Sir John's great-greatgreat-great nephew Tony Williams believes Sir John used the knife to disembowel five prostitutes in London in 1888.