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During the afternoon session of disemboweling and rinsing hares, 10 of the 11 case-patients were at the hunting lodge; aerosolization of infectious particles may have been limited to this session.
On the other hand, there are better than 999,999,999 chances in a billion that those "elected" by the machines will repeal the Americans with Disabilities Act without waiting for their carefully chosen judges to finish disemboweling what's left of it.
The newspaper clippings in the Local Culture Pictorial Guide point to a precedent far doser to home: A clipping announcing the opening of a Warhol show at "The Gallery, on the seventh floor of Hudson's Downtown Detroit store" notes that "much of the inspiration for his earlier works came from such simple everyday items as newspaper pages, match covers, multiple images of glass labels, Coke bottles." Consider cookie-jar-"folk art"-loving Warhol disemboweling the Rhode Island School of Design's Museum of Art in 1969 for Raid the Icebox I--all the shoes, the stacks of paintings, the return of the aesthetic's and the institution's repressed.
"They gave no hint of what we would get: a red-hot poker in the head, disemboweling, fingers being sliced off and a cat being impaled by a Christmas tree.
According to the arrest affidavit filed by Miami-Dade police Wright is accused of disemboweling the body of his girlfriend and then throwing her internal organs in his mother's kitchen garbage. 
During the show's run, the installation grew with the addition of relics from the lectures, elaborate, often hilarious and messy performances in which the artists recounted previous projects and spun tales of adventures in different countries, providing as well their own takes on natural and scientific phenomena: A volcanic eruption was likened to a trip down an elevator shaft; an autopsy was demonstrated by disemboweling a large teddy bear.