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Among the victims were children and a disembowelled pregnant woman.
I've never been disembowelled before", mused little Jimmy Osmond as he ventured into a pen of Kangaroos to retrieve stars from their whip-like tails.
He was then stabbed in the stomach and disembowelled.
HORRIFIED cops found a man DISEMBOWELLED at his home yesterday following a telephone tip-off.
Last year child rapist Mitchell Harrison, 23, was murdered and disembowelled in his cell by two other prisoners at the Category A jail.
In a crime which shocked Australia, he disembowelled Chantelle and stabbed her mum Rose and dad Andrew to death at their home in Kapunda, near Adelaide.
In March 2005, Keith Philpott, 36, who had learning difficulties, was bound and gagged before being tortured and disembowelled.
Unlike 16 others executed with him, he was not disembowelled alive after being dragged through the streets on a hurdle - a piece of glorified fence.
Experts say he had been hacked with an axe in a ritual killing more than 2,400 years ago, before being chopped in half and disembowelled.
There he meets young priest James D'Arcy and doctor Izabella Scorupco, and the feeling of dread increases - along with the disembowelled corpses and maggot-covered babies.
While other cities across Europe were carelessly disembowelled, he spent decades sensitively replanning Urbino, showing how history and modern life could be reconciled.
He was sentenced to be hung, cut down alive, disembowelled and have his entrails burnt in front of his eyes and then to be quartered.